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December 02, 2014

Affordable Care Act

Starting in 2014, everyone is required to have health insurance. This means:

Exemptions to Paying a Fee

There are several exemptions to paying a fee for not having health insurance, including the following:

Additionally, if you have any of the circumstances below that affect your ability to purchase health insurance coverage, you may qualify for a hardship exemption:

If you're applying for an exemption based on: being uninsured for less than 3 months, coverage being unaffordable, membership in a federally-recognized tribe or eligibility for services through an Indian care provider, membership in a health care sharing ministry, being incarcerated, or not being lawfully present in the U.S., you can claim your exemption when you fill out your federal tax return.

If you're applying for an exemption based on: hardship as explained above, or membership in a religious sect whose members object to insurance, you must fill out an exemption application to the Health Care Marketplace and get a Marketplace exemption certificate to enter on your tax return.

Form to apply for a hardship exemption

Form to apply for a religious sect exemption

If you'd like to purchase your health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and avoid paying a fee in future tax years, visit www.healthcare.gov .

For additional information:
More information about tax penalties for not having healthcare coverage.