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January 25, 2012 Newsletter

January 26, 2012 -  Problems at IRS cause Nationwide Refund Delays  (updated)

Due to problems at the IRS, the first batch of refunds to be released by the IRS under its "weekly" schedule is MUCH smaller than expected.  According to sources, new filters at the IRS have caused over half of all refunds to be unexpectedly withheld nationwide.  Sources indicate that approximately 60-70% of the refunds nationwide that were expected to be released by the IRS were not released by the IRS. 

This is a nationwide problem at the IRS.  This problem effects every tax preparer across the country equally.  Taxpayers who were expecting a refund this week, but did not receive one, should visit the Where's My Refund link at IRS.gov for more information on when the IRS will release their refund. 

We have been told that the affected refunds should experience a one week delay from when they were expected.  We will post more information here if new information becomes available.

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