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Welcome back!

Dear ElectroFile Customer,

Let me personally thank you for trusting ElectroFile Income Tax Service to prepare and electronically file your 2009 tax returns.

Last Minute Tax Law Change For 2010

Due to Congressís failure to act until Dec. 17 th , all U.S. taxpayers will be affected by the last minute law change. Some rates and credits were extended, others werenít. But, worse, the IRS systems will have to be updated and some forms/schedules canít be filed til mid-to-late February. Every US Taxpayer is in the same boat!

Here is a list of the forms/schedules that will be delayed until mid-to-late February (The first four are the most likely to affect folks):

Don't worry Ö we have you covered. We just want you to know there is a potential delay in receiving your refund. Blame it on Congress!

We invite you to return and allow us to prepare and electronically file your 2010 Individual Income Tax Returns. You may select our Lightning Refund$ to speed up the receipt of your refund.

Donít pay with your hard-earned money up front!

Don't have the money in your pocket to cover the cost of our refund and tax service? That's OK. Ask us to process your return as a Lightning Refund$ (choose one of the four options). Our fees are deducted and paid to us by the bank from your refund when it is received from the IRS. No cash necessary! We continue to have Refund Anticipation Loans available! (Most preparers, even the largest in the nation, canít offer RALs this year due to IRS rules and banking regulations).

If you owe, there are new payment options available that we will tell you about when we prepare your return; installment payment agreements, pay by credit card, etc. You will know exactly how and when to make those payments when you leave our office.

Our experienced preparers are here to help you!

Our preparers have a combined experience of over 115 years! You can rest assured that they will do the best possible job, backed by our " Worry-free, Peace of Mind" ACCURACY GUARANTEE!

Anything we do for you that we have direct control over -- we guarantee in writing!

Call for an appointment or come on down to the ElectroFile office. We look forward to helping you handle your taxes again this year.

Office hours for the tax season are 9:00am to 7:00pm Mon - Fri and 9:00am to 3:00pm on Sat .

We sometimes open a little earlier and stay a little later at the end of January and the first part of February.

Best regards,

Terry W Hough, President

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